Mole National Park is at the epicentre of Savannaland [savannaland website link], a Northern Ghana Tourism Destination Management Area. Savannaland is dotted with unique cultural and environmental assets, among which are protected areas well connected to Mole National Park, and which are worth visiting, in particular:

Bui National Park
Bui National Park is the third largest Wildlife Protected Area in Ghana. It covers 1,821 square kilometres and is divided by the Black Volta River. It is located in a typical woodland savannah zone in the Brong Ahafo and Northern Regions of Ghana. This reserve is particularly famous for its resident hippo population in the Black Volta. Primate species like the endangered black and white colobus monkeys can be located on the Park. A variety of antelopes and birds are also present.

Gbele Resource Reserve
Gbele Resource Reserve is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Surrounded by 565 square kilometres of open savannah woodland vegetation, the reserve is known to be the habitat of a wide range of birds. Examples of such are the Senegal parrot, beaded barbet, hornbills, purple herons, raucous pied, among others. Gbele Resource Reserve is also known to be the home of antelopes and primate species.

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